I explored character designs, splash art, and graphic design for this project. I wanted to include a modern sci-fi feel to the designs while including chinese elements to pay homage to my culture.


Alis was an older character that I redesigned for this project. Raised to be an assassin, she will not hesitate to cut down any enemies with her Needle Rifle. I made sure to show her cold nature through her colors. The main dress on her is heavily inspired by a cheongsam.

Older design.


Braune was also another older character I decided to revamp. I wanted to convey the grief and loneliness of this character, as well as the connection to nature through his design. The scythe symbolizes his closeness with death.


Jayden was the last older character that I decided to redesign. I made sure his overall design conveyed a sense of unstableness and danger. He is the complete opposite of his sister, Alis, in colors but since they are still related, I made sure their shapes were similar.


A wandering painter who travels with his ink companions. I incorporated motifs of ink directly into his design, specifically Chinese ink brushes.


I leaned the most into the sci-fi modern aspect with Vita. This design was the most difficult to get right as I had to find a good balance of their synthetic nature while still fitting in with the rest of the roster.


Visual Development for a game mockup based off of my character Braune. This includes a key image, a character sheet, environmental sketch, map design, a secondary character, and UI design.

Miscellaneous character designs and drawings from my previous projects.



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Feel free to contact me via email only for professional work reasons.

Hello, I'm Jaye Lin! I'm a Hong Kong American currently based in the East Coast and I love doing character based illustrative work. From a young age, I've always had a fascination with fantastical elements and character design, especially since I always had my head in the clouds and loved imagining scenarios that would not be possible in the world that we currently live in. Art is my main way to express my emotions and creativity.


These are my links to main shop (big cartel) and etsy for my general merchandise.


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Please note this section is for noncommercial, personal commissions only. Please email or direct message me on Twitter with a full inquiry for commercial or work reasons. Standard commercial price will be typically x2-3 the base prices here. Commerical commissions will always take a priority first before personal commissions.

Terms Of Service


  • Commission slots usually are a first come, first serve. If you are interested in a rush order, please mention it in the form and we can discuss additional payment. I also reserve the right to refuse any orders.

  • Artworks are only for non-commercial usage unless discussed beforehand. You, as the client, own the artwork you commissioned me for, but you are not allowed to distribute it commercially, such as selling it for profit or mass production.

  • I reserve the rights to my own artwork, such as posting WIPs/finished product of it on my social media, and including it on my portfolio.

  • Distributing my artwork to NFT/blockchain and/or AI programs are forbidden.

  • I will be able to illustrate any subject matters except for:hardcore NSFW, offensive themes (regarding politics/sex/race). Themes of mecha, gore, realism subjects can be discussed.

  • If any of these terms are found to be violated, current work will be terminated as well as the client being blacklisted.

  • I will get back to you within a week if your request has been accepted with an invoice to your account unless I have any specific questions about your request.

payment & work flow

  • All final payments will include a 5% service fee. Thank you for understanding.

  • I will put you on a waitlist if my slots are currently all filled up. You have up to 48 hours to reply before I move on to the next client.

  • Payment will be through Paypal (USD). The order will start after full upfront payment. Feel free to discuss half payment upfront.

  • Partial refunds can be considered if the commission hasn't been finished.

  • Screenshots of work in progress will be provided. You are allowed up to 2 edits to the sketching stage and 1 during the finishing stage.

  • Additional charges will be required if there's major changes warranted to the order. No major changes that might affect the overall composition will be allowed during the finishing stage.

  • Commissions may take up to 1 to 2 month depending on the complexity of the order and my schedule.

  • Prices displayed are only estimates and could change depending on the complexity of commission details.

  • After completion, you will receive a high resolution PNG and the original PSD file.


Please make sure to read through the page thoroughly before submitting a request. Once you are ready, please either send me an email with this format or fill out a form through google forms.

Email with the following information:

  • Commission Type:

  • Character(s):

  • Add Ons (if any):

  • References:

  • Rush Order?:

  • Email for paypal invoices:

ko fi sketch

base price: $80+

These types of orders will not follow my typical payment & work flow ToS as they are quick fast sketches as a thanks for your support. Simple sketches you can request through my kofi. Max 2 characters.

Add OnsPrice
Full Body+$50
Complex Details+$30

simple render

base price: $180+

Comes with a simple render of any character of your choice, starting at waist up. Max 2 characters. Flat color for the background is included in price.

Add OnsPrice
Simple Prop+$30
Complex Background+$30
Complex Details+$50

Character illustration

base price: $300+

Comes with a detailed render of any character of your choice, starting at waist up. Max 2 characters. Flat color for the background is included in price.

Add OnsPrice
Full Body+$100
Simple Prop+$30
Complex Background+$50
Complex Details+$50

Character sheet

base price: $600+

Base price includes front, side, and back full body, with 3 facial expression sketches and up to 3 props. Prices will increase based on whether or not client has a detailed description of their character already.

Add OnsPrice
Rendered Front Body+$100
Complex Details+$50
Design fee+$100


base price: $600+

Base price includes a dynamic full body and simple silhouette of effects behind the character. Final quote will depend on the complexity of the order.

Add OnsPrice
Background Details+$200
Complex Details+$100